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braai 23 Jun 2019

5 Simple Braai Hacks

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5 Simple Braai Hacks

South Africans are weird. We seem to stick to one thing we know best for every situation. When we feel depressed, we braai. When we celebrate, we braai. When we have nothing else to do, we braai. And when we are supposed to mow the lawn? You guessed it, we braai!

Since we braai in any season, come rain or sunshine, we have been able to turn it into an art form. We braai because it brings people together. It makes the circle bigger. We don’t barbeque, because that’s the flavour of Spur’s well-known sauce.

 Here are five simple braai hacks to try out for that next get-together:

 1. Pour Some Sugar on Me

There’s nothing as frustrating as realising you left the wood outside in the rain, and now everything’s too wet to light up. Fear not. When it happens next time, try sprinkling plain white sugar over your stack and light with a firelighter. Sugar burns at a high temperature, thus increasing the internal temperature of the wood. That’s science.

 2. Light My Fire

What happens when you’re on your last firelighter? Apparently, Doritos works just as well. But if you finished a whole packet of corn chips already, try dried-out teabags in a bottle half filled with paraffin. Another natural resource you can try is pine cones.

 3. The Lonely Grill

You love braaing but hate cleaning up, especially when you had a big snoek on the grid? Don’t leave it all alone in the corner to rust. When the grid is still hot, use a freshly cut halved onion to scrub the grime off. The oils and acids in onion work as an excellent degreaser. Lemons can be used similarly, plus it will bring out all the flavour in that boerewors and chops over the coals.

 4. Breakin’ Dishes

Let’s face it, no-one likes to do dishes, especially after a braai. If your guests are not the snobbish type, simply use paper plates and drink straight out of the beer bottle. Another cool idea is to use a muffin pan – place all your sauces, trimmings and garnishes in the hollows. Less cleaning for you.

 5. Vegetarian Mumbo Jumbo

What happens if a vegetarian rocks up at your braai? Listen, pal, just gooi a slice of onion on the grill that will chase them away in tears and move on.


Last minute plans of having a braai at your place? Don’t leave the house and your guests at a dead man’s door. Just tell them it’s a bring and braai and order what you need on the Deeliver app.

We have everything you need for a braai party: wood, briquettes, firelighters, paper plates, ice, your favourite drinks and even Doritos. Nou gaan ons braai!


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