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deneys-strawberry-milkshake-serving-suggestion 25 Oct 2018

Heaven in a glass…The Deneys Swiss Dairy milkshake range

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Every now and then, something unavoidably delicious comes along. Spoil yourself with DEELIVER’s bespoke range of irresistible goodies.

It’s not fair that the Swiss have the greenest grass, whitest snow, and yummiest milk products in the world, is it? Once you taste Deneys’ new milkshakes, you’ll just want to hug those little watchmakers in lederhosen. Granted, the South African production outfit tends more towards khaki shorts and long socks, but the sentiment remains.

From one pretty unique, green farm populated with some seriously happy cows, DEELIVER brings you the milkshake range from Deneys Swiss Dairy. This droolicious milkshake range sets a new standard in how sublimely decadent a milky shake can be. No ifs or buts – it’ll make you want to yodel.

Choose from 8 different flavours

Here at DEELIVER HQ we get into frequent, heated arguments about which mouth-watering flavour is the best, so we’ve made the terribly diplomatic decision to stock every single one. In this case, too much of a good thing is wonderful!

For pure indulgence, it’s hard to beat the Iced Cappuccino and Don Pedro flavours. Or, attain the level of consciousness of a Tibetan yogi by sipping on a Strawberry Ice or Heavenly Lime shake. Caramello Cream or Bubblegum Gelato? Swiss Chocolate or White Chocolate? We’d recommend them all, actually. And not just one of each, either.

Note that shoving children aggressively or elbowing your better half out of the way while reaching for the last gulp is perfectly acceptable. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do…

What are you waiting for?

Thanks to DEELIVER, some of the most exquisite dairy products in the country are only a click away. If you want to know what Heidi was singing so happily about as she skipped through the Alps, ponder no longer. Close your eyes, put it down the hatch and make your tummy smile by shopping the Deneys range on our app.


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