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silistraw-silicone-straws 29 Mar 2019

NO STRAW, PLEASE! Silistraw now available at Deeliver

AnonymousBy Anonymous

If you’ve been living anywhere but under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the growing environmental movement focused on eliminating plastic straws.

Due to the growing plastic epidemic, many international companies have now pledged to eliminate the use of plastic straws altogether, replacing them with the environmentally friendly paper straw. A noble gesture, for sure, but let’s be honest; nobody likes a soggy mouthful of paper halfway through their double-shot, milk-alternative, iced latte.

Not to worry! Deeliver has teamed up with the environmentally conscious folks at Silistraw to bring you the solution- Silistraw is a reusable, compact straw made entirely of silicone. The ergonomic design
includes a stainless-steel cleaner and comes packaged in a cute capsule for convenient carrying. 

Why silicone, you ask? Unlike the dreaded p-word, silicone is environmentally conscious and completely BPA free. It is non-toxic, reusable, durable and foldable, making it easy to carry with you. Oh! And did we mention it’s dishwasher friendly? Convenience, we like it.

Available on the Deeliver app in grey, navy, aqua and pink at only R79 a pop- Why not add a Silistraw to your cart with your next beverage purchase? Our oceans and your conscience will thank you for it!


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