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Parow Brandy hits our shelves! #KarateWater

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Jack Parow isn’t just the Mother City’s answer to Eminem. He’s also got his own flippen’ amazing brandy – order a bottle of the good stuff on Deeliver, now.

It had to happen sometime. P Diddy’s got his own tequila, 50 Cent his own vodka and Jay Z’s gone all out with both a cognac and a champagne. So it followed that Jack Parow should have his own brandy.

Parow has used his vast experience of the golden nectar to create a brandy that rolls all his favourite brandy traits into one delicious, cool (way cooler than any other brandy we’ve seen) and surprisingly affordable package. Working in close collaboration with South African brandy master Kobus Gelderblom, Jack has created an eminently quaffable 3-year-old brandy that ticks klaps all the boxes.

What’s in the bottle?

Parow Brandy is a premium 3-year-old blended brandy. It contains 30% pot still brandy and 70% unmatured wine spirit and is made from Colombard and Chenin Blanc grapes. By using only the highest quality ingredients it is able to compete with brandies that fall into much more expensive categories. (Jack has personally done loads of painstaking market research in this regard).

The grapes come from Worcester and Vredendal, distillation takes places in Grabouw and the gevaarlike nectar is bottled in Bonnievale – making the brandy, like its namesake, a proud product of the Western Cape. Smooth enough to drink neat (the way Jack likes it, duh), it displays a delicate nose of fresh apple and pear which also works a treat with ice, or with a mixer. We recommend using ginger ale (with lemon zest) or coke as a mixer.

Why you should drink it

Parow Brandy is a real brandy for real people. Way cooler than traditional South African brands, and way more in touch with reality than anything imported, Parow Brandy gets you. It’s won medals too – Silver at the Michelangelo Wine and Spirit Awards and Silver Outstanding at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2018. And it’s been tested, tested, tested and tested some more by someone who really knows his karate water…

Did we mention it’s guaranteed to make you between three and eight times cooler than before? Grab a bottle (and some ice and mixers) on Deeliver and let the good times roll…


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