Local Brands We're Loving

In a world dominated by brands that are global giants, shopping local just hits different.

Local brands don't just sell products; they tell stories, weaving narratives of passion, innovation, and community to reflect facets of our incredibly diverse South Africa. At Deeliver, we take pride in celebrating homegrown heroes who are making waves. Herewith a few of our current fixations:


1. Rivva Hard Seltzer

Born out of the need for healthier alternatives to traditional dranks, Rivva Hard Seltzer is a revelation for health-conscious alcohol aficionados. Crafted with natural flavours and a dash of alcohol, Rivva is crisp, refreshing, low-calorie, and made with no added sugars. Their seltzers are more than just beverages. They're a lifestyle choice for those who value balance and enjoyment in equal measure. Cue guilt-free indulgence without compromising on flavour.

Shop RIvva here.


2. Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad isn't just a beer, it's the elixir of winners. Crafted by none other than Springbok rugby legends Steven Kitshoff & Malcolm Marx, Bomb Squad Lager is for beer-loving team mates one and all. Brewed with a blend of premium malts and hops, Bomb Squad Lager delivers a taste experience that's bold and unforgettable. With each sip, you're greeted with a symphony of easy-drinking effervescence full of flavour and character.

Shop Bomb Squad here

3. Cape Spritz

Cape Spritz has taken Cape Town's best sides – the wine and the weather – and put in a can. Yes, indeed, you can now drink a peach-infused wine spritzer, inspired by the most beautiful city in the world. It's a sip of summer combined with locally-sourced ingredients that delivers to you a sensorial sensation of flavour and refreshment. Pool side hang outs, let's go!

Shop Cape Spritz here.

4. Saggy Stone Brewing Co.

Saggy Stone Brewing Co. is a destination brand for beer enthusiasts seeking something extraordinary. From their flagship brews to limited-edition releases, each offering from Saggystone is a testament to their brewing finessery. With a focus on quality and innovation, Saggystone beers are crafted using the finest ingredients, resulting in a truly exceptional representation of local craftsmanship.

Shop Saggy Stone here.

5. Leonista

With a name derived from the term "lion energy", Leonista stands as the pioneering 100% Karoo agave spirit in South Africa, crafted in the traditional Mexican fashion. This artisanal process mirrors age-old techniques employed in Mexico for the production of agave spirits like Mezcal, which involves cooking the agave plant over smoke and fire. Which is exactly where Leonista gets its distinctively delicious smoky essence.

While Leonista cannot bear the Mezcal or Tequila label as it is not produced in Mexico, it embodies the essence of a local Mezcal, meticulously crafted from South African Karoo agave, which has thrived in the region for centuries. Cheers to that!

Shop Leonista here


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