Just Broth - Chicken Flavoured Broth 1L

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Just Broth - Chicken Flavoured Broth 1L.

Indulge in the comforting goodness of Just Broth's Chicken Flavoured Broth, a versatile addition that adds depth and richness to your recipes. Carefully crafted using bones from grass-fed, free-range chickens and a medley of flavourful vegetables.

Each sip of this nourishing broth delivers a delightful balance of savoury chicken essence and the natural goodness of vegetables, whether you're creating heartwarming soups, enhancing sauces, or adding depth to your favourite dishes.

With a commitment to using high-quality ingredients, Just Broth ensures that every bottle is packed with wholesome, healthy flavours. The rich aroma and robust taste of this chicken broth will leave your taste buds satisfied and your dishes infused with a touch of homemade goodness.
Crafted with care by Just Broth in Cape Town, a small batch bone broth production company.

Made with bones from grass-fed, free range chicken and vegetables.
Ingredients are not genetically modified (GMO-free).
No monosodium glutamates (MSG) or artificial preservatives.

Lasts up to 6 months in the freezer.
Refrigerate for up to 3-5 days once defrosted.
Product can be refrozen if defrosted (provided product is not left at room temperature for more than 2 hours).

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