Sugarbird Pino and Pelargonium Gin Mini 40ml

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Sugarbird Pino and Pelargonium Gin Mini 40ml.

This showstopper celebrates South Africa's most famous botanicals. Pinotage, a local South African grape varietal, while fynbos, known globally as rose geranium adds a sweet, floral flavour while the other two pelargonium species add citrus notes (leaves) and medical benefits (root tuber).

The soft nature of this perfectly balanced pink gin means it pairs perfectly with seared salmon or a fresh line fish. 

Floral, Rose, Lemon, Delicious. This gin combines two of South Africa's finest exports. Pino and Pelargonium uses our best-known grape cultivar, Pinotage, for a rich punch of colour as well as three types of geranium (Pelargonium graveolens, P. crispum, P. sidoides) for their rose fragrance, lemon flavour and bronchial health benefits, respectively.
The combination produces floral notes balanced with the fresh pine that comes from Juniper, as well as a Sugarbird's unique sweetness.

Ingredients: Juniper cones, pinotage grape skins, rose geranium, African geranium, lemon geranium, angelica root, cardamon, grains of paradise, honeybush.

- Aurora International Taste Challenge Awards 2019 - FIVE STARS
- The Merit Wine & Spirit Challenge Awards 2019 - Gold
- SA Women's Wine and Spirits Awards 2019 - Gold
- Vitis Vinifera Awards 2019 - Double Gold
- The Junipers 2020 (International New Zealand competition) - BRONZE

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