Cape Town's Best Local Beer Breweries

Beers, brewskies, bezzas, zamalekkers – whatever you call the liquid gold, you need to know that right here in Cape Town are some of the finest craft beer breweries a beer lover could hop to encounter!

Here are four of our favourite local brewery experiences with legit beer recommendations to boot:


Hey Joe Brewing Company

Now this one comes with an interesting tale. Joe, a Bruges-hailing beer brewer from WWII-times, boards a cargo ship to fulfil his fantasies of bringing Belgian beer to the southern-most tip of Africa. Bewitched by Franschhoek, lost to the all-new bouquets of fynbos tastes and fragrances, he turns mountain recluse shortly after arriving. Specifically, he is preoccupied with using the fruits of his foraging to make the finest Belgian-style beer. Decades pass. Joe is lost to the world. Just a man alone in the woods, brewing his beer.

Until one night, a young gentleman finds himself disoriented and wandering in a forest he does not know. He sees a cabin in the woods, approaching in the hope of respite...

Rumour has it the Belgian brewer cracked the code to the tastiest Belgian brew made with exclusively African ingredients and, upon saving the lost gentleman, imparted unto him the award-winning recipe Hey Joe uses to this day. Read the rest here.

Today, Hey Joe stands an authentic Belgian-Abbey styled brewery located just a few kilometres outside of the pretty-as-a-postcard Franschhoek on the 11 hectare La Brasserie Farm. Smashing for a family/friend day trip (wheelchair users included), they've got loads of activities to cater for the entirety of even the fussiest groups. Furry friends are also welcome – make sure to ask for Hond Bier; it's alcohol-free and canine-approved.

A visit promises relaxation on sprawling lawns, shaded by the cool of trees, alongside a glistening body of water, a playground for the kids, and a unique tasting experience at an overall exquisite venue. *Chef's kiss*

Their food comes with rave reviews (no, really – check Tripadvisor) and takes on a sharing style of dining – perfect for big groups. Check out their menu here.

We recommend:

🍺 Hey Joe Cherry: A refreshing fruit beer, best enjoyed over ice, with the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. 

🍺 Hey Joe Belgian Pale AleA light amber beer with fruity notes of plum and apricot on the nose and honey and caramel to finish.  

🍺 Hey Joe Blonde Beer: Expect a low but pleasing soft bitterness, malty aromas married with notes of pear, gooseberry, and cloves.

🍺 Shop our full range of Hey Joe here.

Hey Joe Brewing Company is open everyday from 11am to 6pm, except on Fridays they close at 9pm. For more information, visit


shackleton brewing

Shackleton Brewing Company

Shackleton are local purveyors of bloody good German-style beer, the Shackleton Way, made using a Brewhouse imported from the UK.

Shackleton is inspired by expeditions into the oceanic, icy expanses of the Antarctic continent, as experienced by Steve, Shackleton's head brewer. The aim of his three-month expedition was research on climate change and oceanography, but what he wasn't prepared to discover was the inspiration for his brewery. It was upon meeting Sir Ernest Shackleton in the pages of books Steve read on his trip that he found the inspiration for what Shackleton Brewing would be back on South African soil...

Sir Shackleton's journey was a treacherous one of Near Deaths and Endless Horizons that saw one's bravery progress innovation for all: His rise to fame and success came after a failed expedition to Antarctica in the 1900s with a crew of 28 ballsy scientists and sailors. Their goal was to become the first to cross the Antarctic continent, through the South Pole, without dying. Read about it here

Point being: Sir Shackleton's compelling story of exploration, innovation, leadership, adventure, survival, and an inimitable drive toward achievement resonated as qualities that Steve deemed valuable for his brewery.

Today, the Shackleton Taproom is the stellar culmination of commitment to trial, error, error, and more error to finally realise raging success. It's the place to be if you're in the mood for a refreshing, ice-cold selection of expertly brewed beers and vodka ice teas. Your palette is in for a treat. We recommend full tastings of everything across the board, duh.

Not just a place for those in a celebratory mood, book worms too can find refuge in Shackelton's Salt River-based, inner-city oasis: the WiFi is strrrrong baba and there's plenty of chill space in which to enjoy a quiet cold one. Sports fans, you'll also find a home at the Taproom's bar – keep an eye on Shackleton socials to see the next match they're screening.

We recommend:

🍺 Shackleton Kölsch: A light, crisp, clean, easy-drinking, and lager-like sip of heaven.

🍺 Shackleton Pale Ale: Slightly malty sweetness accompanied by a zesty, citrusy hoppy flavour.

🍺 Shackleton Golden Ale Draught: a clean and crisp light ale, perfect for easy-drinking.

🍺  Shop our full range of Shackleton here.

Shackleton is open from Monday to Friday 12pm to 7pm, except on Fridays they close at 10pm. They're open on Sundays from 1pm to 6pm and closed on Saturdays. For more information, visit


Jack Black Taproom

Jack Black started with humble beginnings in 2006 as a simple space for friends and customers of founders Ross and Meg McCulloch to come for a beer, meet the team, and taste the dedication and beer brilliance that goes into every batch brewed.

In 2016, they decided to see what the public thought of their little Taproom. Much to their surprise, hundreds of people turned up on that first day, queueing in the pouring just for a taste of the beer made legendary by word of mouth.

That night marked the permanent opening of the Taproom and the beginning of an lovingly-crafted food menu that boasts their signature burgers and fries, as well as some moreish vegan bites. See their menu here.

Make sure to check out their regular live music instalments and exciting community events. as well as daily tours and tastings. 

We recommend:

🍺 Jack Black Atlantic Weiss: An unfiltered Weiss that is surprisingly easy-drinking and inspired by the burly Atlantic ocean.

Jack Black is open on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am to 6pm, on Wednesdays to Fridays from 10am to 9:30pm, and on Saturdays from 11am to 4pm. For more information, visit


darling brew

Darling Brew

Inspired by a journey across Africa in 2007, more specifically a microbrewery they met along the way, the founders began Darling Brew as a small turnkey brewery. But it wasn't until the help of a talented brewmaster that Darling Brew became officially ready to join the South African craft beer movement as a formidable force of undeniably tasty hops.

Since Tewie's leadership the business has ventured into innovative new directions, while still staying true to its core vision and mission of creating epic products that tread lightly on the earth. Read more about Darling Brew MD Tewie Roos here.

Apart from the Woodstock and Dorptoe Tasterooms, the original Darling Brew Tasteroom can be found in the quaint West Coast hamlet of Darling. It calls for the whole family to come on down: beer appreciators, jungle gym nuts, and outdoor leisurers alike.

It's at this seaside break place you can thrust yourself into the full craft beer tasting experience alongside good ol' contemporary pub grub, as imagined by passionate head chef Ryan Josten. Rest assured all ingredients, for both beer and foods, are sourced locally; only the freshest, top tier ingredients from the talented, hard-working community make it into Darling Brew delights.

Definitely take a brewery tour and pop by the Beer Shed, which has its own tap  and outdoor seating (pro tip: this is the perfect party venue!). Bookings are essential for groups of six plus and the kitchen closes an hour before the venue. 

We recommend:

🍺 Darling Brew Bone Crusher Wit Bier: A bold beer with a poignant, sweet aroma and notes of coriander and citrus.

🍺 Shop our full range of Darling Brew here.

For each Tasteroom's differing opening times, visit

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