5 Easy Weekday Recipes for Busy People

If you've once again found yourself slap bang in the middle of a work week so pressure-filled you might just turn into a diamond with no desire to think up another dang dinner, you've come to the right delivery app.

Deeliver deliveries + stupid-simple recipes have got your back, front, and tummy! Check out these five easy weekday recipes for busy bodies that don't want to spend ages in the kitchen OR order another greasy takeaway. 


1. Foolproof Denny Bolognaise with Gluten-Free Pasta

Bolognaise has never been this easy! With Denny's Bolognaise Cook-In-Sauce, all you have to do is add mince and the pasta of your choice. There's it: lunches and dinners sorted all week long.

Denny's range of Cook-In-Sauces are stupid simple to use, so simple that even the worst home cooks can claim their fame as budding chefs. Try this bloody good bolognaise recipe and see for yourself!



2. Instant Noodles, Gourmet-Style

Instant noodles are great 'cos they last for ages and are ideal for when you're spent for time and energy, but they're not very fancy or nutritious... until now!

Here's how to upgrade your Kellogg's Instant Noodles to make them not only gourmet but packed with protein, a little veg, and va-va-voom flavour that'll keep you coming back for more.



3. Deeliver D.I.Y Tacos

Looking for a relatively mindless weekday dinner dish? Our D.I.Y Tacos are exactly that. Plus, you can make a big batch for an easy entertainment spread.

The best part? Shop everything you need in one place – our Taco Collection – and get it delivered at the click of a button. No thinking or driving required!



4. Four-Ingredient Mac 'n' Cheese

Quick, easy, and a crowd pleaser for both young and old, our Four-Ingredient Mac & Cheese recipe is one you'll want to memorise for when you're in the mood for comfort food but spent on time and the general desire to think.

Made with Spur's signature Cheese Sauce – which comes ready-to-use in convenient sachets – and streaky bacon by the lauded local butchers of Bergdale (you can leave this out to make it halal), this fast meal promises to deliver on all the moreish macaroni feels you're after.



5. Spicy Tortilla Bowls

If you love Mexican fare, you better save this recipe for your next tortilla night! Our Spicy Tortilla Bowls are made with slow-cooked, perfectly-spiced cajun chicken fillets and all the trimmings.



Let us know if you try any by sharing yours on socials, tagging us @deeliverza, and using #DeeRecipe – if it looks DEELICIOUS, we’ll give you a treat!

Looking for more drink/mealspiration? Check out our other recipes here. 

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