Deep-Fried Frangelico Oreos

These Deep-Fried Frangelico Oreos are as much fun to make as they are to eat!

Made with the hazelnutty marvel that is Frangelico, expect a sweet, soft, crispy, warm, wondrous flavour exposure with just a tinge of tipsiness.





  1. Combine pancake mix, eggs, milk, and vegetable oil in a large bowl and whisk until smooth. Add a shot or two of Frangelico into the batter. PRO TIP: Your batter should not be runny, so be careful not to add too much liquor. It should be thick and gooey so it will stick to the Oreos. Add a tbsp or so more pancake mix if the batter is accidentally runny.
  2. Pour enough cooking oil into a heavy cooking pot to ensure the Oreos won't touch the base of the pot when frying. As for heat, a gentle fry is always best to ensure you don't burn them – the batter cooks very quickly.
  3. Once your oil is ready, dip an Oreo in the pancake batter using a fork, spoon, or your hands, coating it entirely. PRO TIP: The Oreo shouldn't sit in the batter too long or it will get soggy, and the batter should be thick/sticky enough so that you can't see through it to the Oreo underneath.
  4. Use a spoon to transfer the battered Oreos from the batter straight into hot oil.
  5. Cook Oreos until they are crispy golden brown, remembering to turn them over with tongs. The cookies will float on top of the oil and fry quickly (less than 2 minutes).
  6. Remove the fried cookies with tongs and place them on a paper towel to drain.
  7. Serve warm. You can add a dusting of powdered sugar, vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of chocolate or caramel sauce, whipped cream, or any other garnish you'd like. Enjoy!


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