Six Reasons You Need Deeliver in Your Life

Still haven’t bought a present for a friend’s birthday party starting in one hour? Forgot you’re on booze duty for a braai with the boys tonight? Need a dinner idea sorted fast? Don’t fret, little petals – the dapper Deeliver crew are just itching to be your knights in shining armour! Here are six pickles we can get you out of today and always.


1. Last minute living but make it stress-free
Your mates just blew up your phone and you need to grab a couple of six packs, Blitz, boerie, and a bag of wood pronto for a sneaky Sunday afternoon braai, but you’re stupid short on time. Don’t stress, Deeliver’s got everything you need delivered in a flash, including the Klippies and Coke to top it all off!

You’re in your PJs and you and bae have finally agreed on something to watch when you realise you forgot to get munchies. It’s freezing cold and the mission to the store costs at least 20 minutes there and back. UGH. Don’t stress, Deeliver’s got you with a wide selection of the classics, as well as artisanal confectionaries from the greatest local makers, including Meshuggah, The Counter, Darling Sweet, Nanuki, and Ma Mère.

Work sucked. You didn’t check the load shedding schedule. Your hubby burnt the only dinner in the house. If you hear someone whine “Moooom!” one more time you’re strongly going to consider moving countries. Your three remaining brain cells refuse to come up with something for supper. Let us sort it by shopping our convenient selection of D.I.Y Meals, including nachos, burritos, tacos, pizza, and pasta. Less thinking, more solutions. delivered to your door.

Whether it’s a bottle of fine wine, vaping gear, Klippies and Coke, criminally good confections, D.I.Y burrito kits, mealspo (think: easy, delicious recipes ready in minutes), or munchies fit for discerning palates, you can have it all at just the click of a button. Click, click. Ding-dong! Happiness.

2. Skip Hell’s Kitchen
Kitchen look like a bomb went off in it? Rapidly dawning on you that the last remaining dreg of Handy Andy will be no match for the slop the kids have left behind? No problem! Just think of Deeliver as a 24/7 disinfectant store. One with wheels. That comes to you. Nice. Shop cleaning products here.

3. Give gifts that people want without knowing what they want
Just realised that the random Tuesday evening event you’re attending is actually a birthday party? A birthday party of the person who got you an amazing gift on your own born day? Let Deeliver come to the rescue with a last-minute gift to suit every whim. Craft gin? Artisanal chocolate? A bottle of Klippies? You name it, we stock gifts that will impress.

4. Got plants?
Vegan menu coming unstuck for the want of almond or soy milk? We might ride like Evil Knievel, but we’ve got the vegan fraternity firmly in mind too. Think: Specialty vegan products, including plant protein, superfood smoothie powders, plant milk, chocolates, cookies, and then some. Did we mention same-day delivery? Shop our vegan products here

5. Gym/health rat heaven!
Why spend time shopping when you could be hitting Iron Town, experimenting with new superfood smoothie flavours, preparing the date balls of your dreams, making up for all the leg days you’ve been skipping (don’t worry, it doesn’t show… that much)? We’ve got super-fast delivery of your favourite local health and wellness products on lock so you can focus on pursuing your healthiest self. Yeah, now that’s what we call bantastic! Shop our health goods here.

6. Babbalas blessings
Loved last night? Lying in the aching rays of a new dawn with a pounding head and what appears to be hummus on your tongue? No problem! We’ll deliver hangover cures and pep-you-up tonics faster than you can say “hair of the dog”. For whatever reason. We won’t ask. We’ll just bring over everything you need quickly and happily. Shop our medicinal goods here.


Orders placed on Monday to Saturday before 7:30PM & Sunday before 5:30PM receive same-day delivery. 

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