Classic Cocktails With Interesting Back Stories

Now here's something to whip out at your next cocktail party: the interesting back stories of five classic tipples all alcohol aficionados know and love. Sip and discuss!  


sex on the beach

Sex On The Beach 

Legend has it this drink was invented during the wet 'n' wild spring break of '87 in the United States. Apparently, a peach schnapps distributor challenged Florida bars to make them a drink. Those who sold the most were to be crowned the winners. And just like that, with scores of freshers happily juiced up on the sunny shores, a prize elixir that outdid all the rest was born.

'Sex On The Beach' is made with the hero – peach schnapps, vodka, orange juice, and grenadine. It's name is a tribute to two of Florida's most famous attractions: the beach and sex (and, if you're lucky, both at the same time).

If you don't have peach schnapps on hand, Caribbean Twist Peach Paradise will make a might fun sub.

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The Zombie

The critically-acclaimed drinking dead comprises a knock-your-brain-off concoction of rums and juices created by Tiki Drink King Don The Beachcomber. The story goes that in the 1930s, a customer came into his bar complaining about a hangover. Don whisked a li'l somethin'-somethin' up and BOOM, the man hungeth no more. Yep, straight up; his hangover was (apparently) immediately cured. However, (here's the catch) the customer later returned to Don claiming he felt like a zombie all day. And, voilà, the Zombie was born. Beware!


tom collins

Tom Collins

In 1874, a filthy rumour spread the streets of New York: a one mister Tom Collins was dunking on people's mothers. He was talking nasty smack about good folk, airing their dirty laundry, and pushing all the wrong buttons in the right ways. In reality, there was no Tom Collins, only a mass prank going around where people used to tell their friends that a man named Tom Collins had been talking sh&% about them in a nearby bar.

Offended people would then run into the local pub and demand to see Tom Collins. The bartender of one pub heard that joke one too many times and decided to make a fresh-to-death gin cocktail and name it after the infamous Tom. The next time somebody ran into the bar demanding to see Tom Collins, the bartender gave them the drink. LOL.

If you're a gin fan, you have to check out our Sipsmith Gin Smash made inside a watermelon.


The Gin & Tonic

If you've ever heard of alcohol as medicine and raised a sharp brow, what that little boozed up birdy told you isn't far off! The humble and beloved GNT actually has semi-medicinal origins itself. When British soldiers were stationed in colonised India, they were plagued with malaria. Their first port of call? Tonic water with quinine – and, boy, did it taste AWFUL. So, in remedy, the soldiers mixed it with gin – much better!

What's better than a GNT? A GNT Ice Lolly made with Sugarbird, obvi.



The Bellini

If you're a cultured art lover, the Bellini's delightful (cock)tale is certain to get your paintbrush wet! A fruity wine mix that is a blend of white peach puree and Prosecco, the Bellini was dreamt up by Giuseppe Cipriani, the founder of Venice’s beloved Harry’s Bar. He started mixing up the fruity tipples in 1934, and with their pink hue reminding him of a saint’s toga from a painting by Italian Renaissance artist, Giovanni Bellini, it made simple, delicious sense to name his popular cup after the muse's cloth; in honour of the painter and his splendid artwork.  

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